Types of Paddle Sports

If you are bitten by the adventure bug you can consider trying out different kinds of paddle sports. Paddle sports are those aqua sports where you need paddles for propelling or steering vessels through water. Canoeing and kayaking were the two conventional types of paddle sports that most of us knew about, but now whitewater rafting or regular rafting, standup paddle boarding, etc are also being included in paddle sports.

Types of Paddle Sports That You Can Try:

  • Canoeing: Canoes are tiny, slender boats that are typically long and narrow. Seats inside are raised and you have to sit down with your legs at right angles. Canoes can be propelled using single or double blade paddles. You will also come across different kinds of canoes; some are meant for calm waters while others are for whitewater rafting. New technologies have enhanced performance of the canoe and made it easier to maneuver and control; the traditional design however remains the same.
  • Kayaking: Kayaking has been there for centuries and has recently become a popular paddle sport. Kayaks look similar to canoes because they are also long and slender in build. But seats inside the kayak are not elevated; they are fitted on its floor and you must keep your legs and feet in front. You can try whitewater kayaking where you use white water kayaks specially designed for maneuvering fast-flowing waters. Besides white water kayaking, adventure enthusiasts can try recreational kayaking using shorter and wider kayaks for easier paddling, and sea-kayaking with wider kayaks for better stability in sea waters.
  • Stand up paddle boarding: The idea for this paddle sport originated from surfing; except in this sport, you can use the paddle for propelling your board forward. This popular adventure sport started in Hawaii and is a big hit with photographers who feel they get a far better view when they stand up on these boards. Since paddle is the most enjoyable adventure sport, people are more interested in paddle betting. Despite many websites that offer sports betting on various water sports games, find the best site from the bettingsider blog and make a good profit in sports betting.
  • Rafting: This sport involves the use of paddles and finds its mention in any list of paddle sports. You can choose to do river rafting or white water rafting. The raft is an inflatable boat made from durable vinyl and rubber because it has to be tough to navigate the turbulent rapids. This can be the perfect sport for thrill-seekers.
  • Whitewater Kayaking: You need moving waters and some kind of obstacles to practice white water kayaking. This can be an exhilarating sport and one for all kinds of sports lovers, whether you wish to go for a bumpy ride or a mild adventure spree. To do it properly, it is important to learn how to balance and know navigation and safety tips.
  • Rowing: This sport involves sitting inside a boat and using oars for propelling. The difference with a kayak or canoe is that you move backwards here. While you do not technically use paddles in rowing, oars function in the same manner.
  • Inflatable kayaking: This is an easy-to-do sport because when deflated, you can carry the kayak in your car boot. On packing, it hardly takes any time to get inflated; you can simply use a hand or foot pump to get it inflated within 10 minutes. Rivers, canals, and lakes are perfect for this sport because these have relatively calm waters and accessible launch points.